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How Your Hair Care Routine Should Change With the Season

The change in temperature can really confuse your hair, both in color and texture. These changes can be hazardous to your overall hair health. Here are our top tips for getting your hair back in good condition for the colder months, and how to prevent further seasonal damage.

Keep Moisturizing

You know the itchy, dry skin that naturally comes with colder weather? The same goes for your hair. Dry hair breaks easily and also make it difficult, if not impossible, to grow hair longer.  The transition between summer to fall is when it is vital to add a moisturizing hair mask or change your shampoo or conditioner so your hair can adjust to the change in temperature. Look for extra moisturizing ingredients to secure hydration in your strands. We love the Bumble and Bumble Gentle shampoo and Super Rich conditioner.

Focus on Your Diet

Sunny days are far and few between in the autumn, lessening further into the winter months. This means your Vitamin D levels can take a drastic drop. Vitamin D is essential to healthy hair growth, so invest in a supplement containing it. Eating Vitamin D rich foods, such as salmon and mackerel, can also help.

It’s Time to Cut Your Hair

The combination of indoor central heating and the extreme change in weather conditions from rain, wind and autumn sun can affect the health of your hair, making it more prone to damage and split ends. Light doesn’t reflect well from damaged hair either so it can be dull and lackluster. The solution? Head over to the salon and get a trim. This is the perfect time to get that new autumn look.

Invest in a Hair Mask

As well as switching up your shampoo and conditioner, it’s a good idea to give your mane some love with a regular hair treatment. Soothe and protect your strands with a weekly treatment mask. Hair masks come in all kinds of varieties for different hair needs, so shoot for a weekly treatment to keep your hair in tip top shape. Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Mask is the perfect overnight treatment for hair damage.

Embrace the Season of Change

Fall is all about change, the leaves change color, the heat turning into crisp air, drinking iced coffee turns into hot coffee. You should bring about change too. Clean out your closet, set up your planner, and most importantly take great care of your hair.

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5 Tips for a Successful Massage Session

There are two things that people do not like to waste and that is time and money, do not waste both during a massage session. Here are five tips to make sure your session is a successful one.

Communicate: Talking to our therapists and tell them your concerns is the first step to a successful session. Inform them on certain areas of your body that you think need more attention. Whether it is a bad back or tense shoulders, the more they know the more they can help.

Free your Mind and Relax: This may be hard, but during your session try to release all thoughts and worries. In the beginning of your massage perform a deep breathing exercise releasing all the negativity out of your mind. While doing this also relax. Try not to tense up while your therapist is performing. This makes it much harder for them to get the job done.

Breathe Through the Pain: While your therapist is working on a tense area of your body be sure to breathe through the pain and to not hold in your breath. Holding your breath in allows the tense area to become more tighten than it was before.

Listen to your Body: During your session we want you to listen to your body. Getting involved in a conversation can cause you to lose focus on what part of the body that you want our therapists to give more attention too. Also it can cause your body to tense up even more, making it difficult for our therapists relieve those muscular knots in your back, shoulders, or neck.

Slow Recovery:
If you want to continue to enjoy your new relaxed body after your massage you must take your time recovering. After receiving your massage sit on the table for a few minutes and ask for a bottle of water. Later that day, treat yourself to a nice dinner and a warm bath that evening. Make sure you receive eight hours of sleep that night so can wake up new and improved the next morning!

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Give Yourself a Glow: 7 Ways to Healthier Skin

Having flawless skin is not as hard as you think, here are seven ways you can have that beautiful radiant skin in no time.

Don’t Sleep with Make-Up On
You would think that this common sense but you would not believe how many women forget that sleeping with make-up on is a big no-no. Leaving make-up on while you sleep does not allow your pores to breathe. From foundation to simple eyeliner, leaving it on overnight can cause bad acne or a morning of blackhead madness. Using make-up remover each night before hitting the sheets is a key to waking up to beautiful radiant skin each morning, but make sure your remover does not clog your skin as well.

Apply Sunscreen Daily
Summertime or not, applying sunscreen every day is very important. Every time we leave our homes we are exposed to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, causing long term damage to our skin such as wrinkles and age spots.

Eat Healthy
It’s true, you are what you eat and what you have on your plate at night will show up on your face in the morning so be wise. Try to avoid all sweets and fried foods and increase your intake of fresh fruits and veggies.

Whether you are doing CrossFit or a power walk around the neighborhood, try to fit exercise into your daily routine. Just doing twenty minutes of fitness a day keeps the blood circulating and increases the cleansing process in your body, leaving you with a lustrous look after each workout.

Get Some Rest
There is a reason why Princess Aurora was called Sleeping Beauty and it’s because she caught her Z’s. Now you may not be able to sleep as long she did but eight hours will do the trick.

Drink More Water
We can list a million reasons why you need to drink more water but we are going to sum it up in one sentence: Because it’s good for you. Need we say more?

Pamper Yourself
At least once a month treat yourself to a spa day at Renaissance and receive services by some of our amazing staff. Leave feeling relaxed with beautiful skin. Schedule your appointment today!