Renaissance Day Spa and Alternative Wellness


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Love Struck - Blissful Harmony

Immerse yourself in the “Love Struck” experience, starting with our 60-minute Signature Massage. This indulgent session combines aromatherapy, soothing hot stone placements, and a nourishing honey heel glaze for ultimate relaxation.

Next, choose from a tranquil 30-minute Salt Water Float or a rejuvenating Dry Float, followed by a restorative compression therapy session. Cap off your journey with either a detoxifying 30-minute infrared sauna session or a healing Halo Salt therapy, each designed to leave you feeling serenely pampered and truly love-struck.


Blushing Valentine- Radiance and Relaxation

Embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day with our “Blushing Valentine” package. Begin with a revitalizing Blushing Valentine Facial, featuring a classic facial treatment enhanced with a custom hydrojelly mask for a radiant glow.

Follow this with our delightful Bubbletini Pedicure, a luxurious treatment that pampers your feet while adding a touch of bubbly fun.

Finish your experience with a soothing 30-minute compression therapy session, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating your legs, leaving you feeling beautifully refreshed and pampered.


Love Affair- Warmth and Wellness

Experience the warmth of love with our “Love Affair” package. Start with a 60-minute Love Potion Massage, featuring hot stones and our unique Rainbow Maker bio hemp massage oil, designed for ultimate relaxation and tension relief.

Follow this with a pampering paraffin pedicure, leaving your feet feeling soft and rejuvenated. Conclude with a 30-minute compression therapy session, providing a soothing finish to your luxurious experience of comfort and care.


Salty & Sweet– Blissful Balance

Experience the delightful contrast of “Salty & Sweet” with this package. Begin with a 60-minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage for deep muscle relaxation and detoxification. Follow this with a refreshing Blushing Valentine Facial, complete with a nourishing hydrojelly mask.

Next, enjoy a rejuvenating compression therapy session, followed by your choice of a relaxing salt room or a warming sauna session. Complete your experience with a choice of a tranquil 30-minute Salt Water Float or a soothing Dry Float, each promising a serene and restorative finish to your journey.


Hot Stuff– Warmth and Rejuvenation

Dive into the warmth of our “Hot Stuff” package. Start with a 60-minute hot stone massage, offering deep muscle relaxation. Follow this with a deep cleansing facial, complete with a soothing lip treatment for complete facial rejuvenation.

Indulge in a playful Bubbletini Pedicure, and then unwind in a 30-minute sauna session, perfect for detoxification and relaxation. Conclude with a compression therapy session, providing a comforting and revitalizing finish to your indulgent experience.


Feel the Love– Romantic Indulgence

Delight in our “Feel the Love” package, starting with a 90-minute Romancing the Hot Stone Massage, perfect for deep relaxation. Follow this with an oxygen facial, enhancing your skin’s natural glow.

Drift away in a 30-minute float session, choosing between the tranquil Salt Water Float or the unique Dry Float. Indulge in a Bubbletini Pedicure, complete with an extended 20-minute foot massage for ultimate pampering.

Complete your experience with either a rejuvenating sauna session or a calming salt room visit, each providing a blissful end to your romantic retreat.



Take time for yourself and unwind with a 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage including a personalized blend of pure essential oils, a Luminous C & Sea facial to revitalize dry or damaged skin followed by a 30 minute compression therapy session.


Revive & Recharge

Recharge with our 60 minute Renaissance Signature Massage that incorporates aromatherapy with hot stone placement followed by a 30 minute compression therapy session.  Complete your experience with a classic Renaissance manicure and a warm paraffin pedicure.


Radiant Glow

Enjoy our signature Oxygenating Facial which uses therapeutic oxygen to infuse a customized serum into your skin for the ultimate in a radiant glow, followed by a classic Renaissance manicure and pedicure.


*the renaissance escape

Relax with a 60 minute aromatherapy massage, a classic deep cleansing facial, a Renaissance classic manicure & pedicure complete with a 20 minute dry float experience with NuCalm therapy.


*The ultimate Renewal

Relieve stress with our Aromatic Moore Mud Body Treatment, followed by a 60 minute Signature Hot Stone Massage , a customized Hydrojelly facial,  30 minute compression therapy and float away with 20 minute Dry Float Therapy session. 


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