The Perfect Spa Day, Just for You!

Imagine a perfect day at the spa. What would it include? Aromatherapy? A full body massage? A manicure and full service pedicure? How about a warm and welcoming environment and friendly staff? We can relate. It can often be a challenge to find a spa with the ultimate overall experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, stress free and beautiful.

How many times have you walked into a spa and thought to yourself, “I could spend all day here!”? If this has never been a thought, then it’s time to visit the Renaissance European Day Spa in Fayetteville, NC. Our spa is a leader in spa services that will provide the ultimate experience in wellness and beauty, ranging from products to customized massage packages to fit your overall needs.

If you’re use to standing on your feet all day at a demanding job that requires your full attention, we completely understand. Join us today for our silky foot peel with glycolic acid, which will help to exfoliate the feet and peel away all the major build-up and callusing from standing on your feet for long periods of the day.

Moving up from the feet, we have a full body session that will knock your socks off in a good way! The skilled hands of our massage therapists will provide services such as the Paramour experience, which begins with luscious aromatherapy, followed by a full body exfoliation and a mud wrap which relieves stress and offers relaxation to overused muscles. Finish off with a detox green tea and foot detox. We also offer more time friendly options, which include our signature neck and back massage which helps to relieve stress from everyday activities and the reflexology massage which involves the feet, which can improve many health problems. These services begin at only $65!

Please contact us to reserve your spot for the ultimate spa experience. To learn more about these services, or our other customized services, please call 910-484-9922 or visit us online at